Alakajam 3! The theme was "Always growing".

For the third Alakajam, I put up a call-to-arms on crowdforge, and ended up assembling a team of five! I also drove to Bristol to jam in person with toasty. I thought it was going be a brilliant jam, and while it was great to work with the guys, toasty and I decided to use Phaser 3 which neither of us had used before - and it turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

We did a bunch of work, but there was some really weird stuff going on with the collision detection and physics, and we spent so much time trying to fix it that we didn’t manage to make it playable. It was horrible as we kep receiving great art, music and sound effects from the rest of the team :(

I spent some time working on the game after the jam, but there are still something majorly wrong with it. We really should just re-write the core functionality, but … it’s too late now I suppose.

Anyway. I’d still want to understand Phaser 3 and maybe by doing so, I can revisit and fix this broken mess. Or I can just move on!