I combined two jams and submitted “Global Warming” to both the LOWREZJAM and the Climate Change jam.

It’s a PICO-8 puzzler with a bit of a forced theme - I like how it plays but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyway, it’s got a fair few (designed) levels, and the difficulty ramps up. For a game in 64x64 resolution, it offers a lot!

I wanted to try out an isometric view in PICO-8, and I think the graphics came out ok (although people complain about the controllers, as you don’t know which way “up” is). Of course, it’s not easy to see exactly what is going on with the main character, and some of the sprites are very muddy. Unfortunately the world hadn’t yet found out about PICO-8’s hidden palette when I made this - that could have helped!

Pico-8 controls are by default arrow keys and Z/C/N for button 1, and X/V/M for button 2.