LD41. The theme was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres".

Given the theme I felt it was only logical to try and mix Super Mario with shooter elements to try to answer the following question: what happens if Mario had a machine gun?

The great music is “Demented Mario” by gruber_music and the platforming code (and Mario sprites!) is based on the excellent work by matthughson - see the advanced micro platformer thread at the pico8 bbs.

Original idea was made in a few hours on the last day of the jam due to other commitments, but I since added the functionality I had in mind.

I took some inspiration from GTA and also added some achievements to reward different types of play:

  • complete the game as classic Mario
  • complete the game without killing anything
  • complete the game with all 35 coins and 6 machine guns (note: you can continue playing after the final pipe)
  • complete the game with 5 “wanted” stars
  • complete the game in less than 25 seconds

Arrows to move, Z (or C or N) to jump, X (or V or M) to run and shoot.

Apologies to Mr Miyamoto.