LD44. The theme was "Your life is currency".

I had read about a card game design challenge that Button Shy ran a year ago: make a game with just 9 cards.

This was in the back of my head when the jam started, and lo and behold: I made a card game with 9 cards. This time, however, I managed to make it into a digital playable version rather than just publishing the rules.

The idea was inspired by FTL and based on the risk/reward juggling of spending your life to become more powerful or getting a little more health but not upgrading. I am still not sure if it is a fair and fun game, and I think there’s some optimisations that could make it a lot more playable, especially as a physical card game.

One big ommission from game description was the fact that the game is played with a shared 9 card deck. I think this makes it more interesting!

I made this game both for the LD and the 7th Kajam. It didn’t really fit the Kajam’s theme which was “1996” but I got some good feedback from the Kajammers anyway.