One of my goals this year is to play more games and extract some tips on good game design along the way. This is my seventh review in this series called “50 games”.

So… what makes a game anyway?

Does it have to have a clear goal, a score, a player character? Does it need significant interaction?

I came across a free game on steam with “overwhelmingly positive” reviews. I decided to try it out.

The game features a lovely music track, excellent art and animation, and it tells a story as you navigate through it. The story is open to interpretation, and I had a peek at the game’s community hub where I found lots of thoughts and opinions and even analysis. It was quite interesting to see how much peopletook away from this little game’s story!

It is very short, but I enjoyed the animation, the music and the story. Try it out on steam or itch.

For what it’s worth, my interpretation is that the raven is death.

So what lessons can I take from this game from a gamedev and game design point of view?

  • Games can be lots of things!
  • Multimedia is a very good way of telling stories - as is games