MiniLD 72: elympics MiniLD 72: elympics

Hey - its time for MiniLD 72 - see the intro blog post on

The idea for this MiniLD is to have a high score leaderboard in each game, and to collect as many leaderboards as possible on a single page. This way it's easy to see which players are awesome at all the games!

I have created a mock-up of what the leaderboards page might look like.

In order to submit high scores to your game, you need to register an API key below and then use that key when submitting high scores in your game.

Your Ludum Dare username is optional, and will only be used if I need to get in touch.

The unit can be anything, for example "seconds", "meters", "lives used" or just simply "points". The order is just to specify if the aim is to get a low or high score. Note that score must be a number.

You can submit scores via POST or GET requests, and you can send over HTTPS or just HTTP - obviously there are security concerns with the latter, but the most important thing is to make it as easy as possible to submit scores.

Of course, you may just elect to have a local leaderboard within your game, that's fine too - the main goal is to make a game after all!

If you forget your API key just register a new one. I will manually check which keys are submitting scores before adding them to the leaderboards page.

If you have any other questions find me on twitter or #ludumdare on Afternet (/msg dollarone).

Register your game here to get an API key that you can use to submit high scores:

Send scores (remember that score must be a number) by POSTing the data (e.g. key=xxx&name=john&score=0) to:

...or by sending a GET request to:

You can also get all the scores that have been submitted to your game by sending a GET request to: or or
(The latter is not recommended if the query is stored in a public file like a web page)

You can add &format=txt if you don't like JSON.

Add &unique=true if you only want the highest score per player-name.

It is also possible to make POST requests to getHighscores if that's easier for you.

All the endpoints are available in HTTP although SSL is strongly encouraged.

If you have done lots of testing while developing your game, and want a fresh leaderboard when you go live, just request a new API key before you release your game! I will manually confirm the correct API key for each submitted game before I add it to the Leaderboards page. If there are any suspicious scores that you'd like to delete - or for any other requests/questions - just contact me on twitter or #ludumdare on Afternet (/msg dollarone).

Ross "alyphen" Binden has made a Java wrapper for the API! Check it out on his GitHub!